Paul Rosenberg

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Rosenberg was appointed as our Chief Executive Officer, Treasurer, Secretary, and Director of mCig, Inc. on May 23, 2013. For the past 5 years Mr. Rosenberg has been a private investor focusing on the technology space where he has over two decades of experience as a software engineer specializing in complex distributed systems in C++, Delphi, VB, Java, and Oracle DB projects via his consulting company: PR Data Consulting. Since 1997, Mr. Rosenberg has worked as an independent consultant with both private and public enterprises including: The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), The Zennstrom/Friis Group (Kazaa/Skype/Atomico Ventures), and Trust Digital (later sold to Mcafee in 2010), Dell, Inc., Boeing, and Microsoft Inc. as well as several other notable companies.

Michael Hawkins

Chief Financial Officer

On May 9, 2016, Mike Hawkins was appointed as the interim Chief Financial Officer of the Company. Mr. Hawkins has more than 20 years’ experience as a senior executive officer, where he recently served as the Chief Financial Officer of ICA Solutions, Inc. Mr. Hawkins has an extensive background in modular and green building technology and has served as an industry wide consultant in the building and cannabis industries. In addition, Mr. Hawkins has dealt with manufacturing, retail sales, worldwide distribution, and online internet commerce. These skill sets fit into the business expansion of the Company as it pursues various opportunities for growth in complimenting its current services.

Robert Kressa II

Grow Contractors, Inc., CEO

Specialists, contractors, and technicians are on hand combining talents to service all aspects of cannabis growth and processing, from obtaining a suitable property all the way to branding a finished product. Director and CEO, Robert Kressa II and his Grow Contractors can also improve your current grow for higher yields and lower overhead costs. While regularly achieving 2+ pounds per 1000W light, they are constantly testing new methods and technology to stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

Jori Olson

Vice President of Sales, Grow Contractors, Inc.

Heading sales for the Grow Contractors Division, Jori believes in the pursuit to provide solutions that uphold standards and protect investments.  Advocacy for the Cannabis Industry combined with a decade of b2b sales and an entrepreneurial mindset, Jori and the dynamic sales force within the Division actively work with clients to tailor projects to their envisioned business model and determine all environmental growing needs.

Ron Sassano

Grow Contractors, Inc., Consultant

Grow Contractors, inc. serves to provide environmental grow construction services and land development.  Ron brings nearly thirty years of experience in land entitlement as well as construction with a strong background in not only traditional building methods, but modular and panelized techniques for growing systems. All designs are structurally engineered for growers to have success with uniformity, standardization, and medicinal quality without contamination or the use of pesticides.