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mCig can help secure financing to kickstart a career in Cannabis or help you expand an existing business. Check out our options below to see what is available and apply today. We will review your application and let you know if you qualify.

Unsecured Lines of Credit Program

Our Unsecured Lines of Credit program gives you instant access to the cash you need to launch your business while providing you with the flexibility to spend the money when and how you want. This program was designed to provide budding entrepreneurs with the startup capital necessary to develop a prospering business and ensure working capital is available for guaranteed, long term success.

Advantages of the Business
Line of Credit:

• 0% interest rate for up to 12 months
• Streamlined process enabling you the access
to your capital in days
• Flexibility to utilize the funds for any use
• No industry type restrictions
• Higher approval rates and larger funded amounts than bank loans

Businesses Seek This Form of Working
Capital for a Variety of Reasons:

• Growing their business, purchasing new
equipment, and restocking inventory
• Paying off existing debt and improving their credit
• Cushioning against seasonal or slow periods
• Expand or renovate an existing location
or purchase additional locations
• Enhance marketing to acquire new customer
• Payroll

Details to Qualify:

• 720 fico or higher
• Low utilization on revolving credit lines
• Minimum recent inquiries (6 months)
• No recent derogatory accounts
• Stated income/ sales
• EIN # required for business lines of credit