Dear mCig, Inc. Investor,

Thank you for your interest and support of mCig, Inc. Medical Cannabis Innovations Group (MCIG) is committed to being the leading distributor of products, technology and services for the global medical and legal recreational cannabis industry. To fulfill this goal, MCIG has completed a reorganization of its management structure in the first half of 2015 and developed a focused strategy of building the strongest business development, marketing and sales force teams targeting growers, dispensaries and consumers. As part of this restructuring, the Company has developed a Master Distributor sales approach with a 95-person sales team that continues to expand at an accelerated pace. This approach allows MCIG to partner with or acquire best-of-breed companies and serve as exclusive sales representatives, distributing their products through MCIG’s multiple channels and sub-distributors throughout the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom and Asia. MCIG’s first Master Distribution Agreement (MDA) was signed this year and is already showing impressive growth in sales as MCIG puts its full array of resources behind growing sales of products, as well as our existing lines of EM-J and VitaCig. MCIG’s construction division signed an MDA with CannaPods to provide growers with portable, customizable, tightly controlled growing environments to cultivate the finest crops possible. As a highlight, the deal with CannaPods resulted in the development and release of the MCIG CannaPod 2.0 and 2.0+ which offer cannabis entrepreneurs a turnkey, Drop and Grow solution starting at just $49,500. MCIG CannaPods can be delivered in 4-6 weeks and can generate revenue of over $300,000 each year. MCIG will have CannaPods on display at industry conferences and various cities throughout the year. MCIG CannaPods are the highest quality and most complete solution on the market. Financing options are available.

To continue bolstering its sales pipeline and ensure the Company continues to offer the strongest and innovative products to the marketplace, MCIG has launched the first-ever Ultimate Cannabis Awards, which exposes cannabis entrepreneurs to venture capitalists and gives a select few the chance to sign a Master Distribution contract with MCIG. thus utilizing the Company’s growing sales and marketing teams to get their product or service into the hands of wholesalers and consumers. As the legal cannabis industry continues to expand in the United States and the world, MCIG is committed to being the premiere source of products and services for growers, dispensaries and consumers alike. The Company continues to bring value to investors through its commitment to growing while incurring zero debt. Company operations continue to be fully funded by existing revenues, unlike many competitors in the space.

Please take some time to explore our website and learn more about what we do. We also encourage you to take a moment to contemplate the changes happening right now around the United States and the world. The future is bright for cannabis and for those who are well positioned in the industry.


Paul Rosenberg
CEO, mCig, inc.

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